Phoenix Brushless Drive Gimbals

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The Phoenix is the first in a line of leading-edge new liquid-smooth brushless drive digitally stabilized gimbals.

Reflecting the incredible video quality and resolution of lighter, smaller new cameras such as a Canon or Nikon DSLR, the Phoenix brushless drive gimbal is agile and multi-configurable. Constructed of carbon fiber and aluminum, the Phoenix A10 Brushless Drive Gimbal is light and strong, weighing in at an easy-to-maneuver 1360 grams (A10 model gimbal only).  This makes it the perfect stabilization system for any camera up to five pounds in weight, such as the Canon 5D. For larger cameras like the Red Epic we have the Phoenix A50.  Phoenix A50 is 30% larger than A10 and uses more powerful 90mm motors.

The A10’s ultrasonic AlexMOS brushless-motor drives give you absolutely silent and smooth operation, and run on 14 to 25 volts. Plus, its massive 25mm axles and bearings on all axis ensure that you get slop free, tight operation.

And…talk about smooth.  The A10 effortlessly covers 3-axis pan, tilt and roll, with solid stabilization at roll rates up to 140-degrees per second and stabilization resolution to 0.1 degrees.  A10 works with DSLR cameras at focal lengths as long as 200mm for long range stability.

Totally adjustable for camera balance, the A10 gives you maximum comfort in operation and provides follow and lock stabilization modes. A10 can be operated as handheld/shoulder rig modes or operated remotely by wireless RC controls on RC helicopter/multirotor platforms.

Oh, and one more thing: the A10 is totally compatible with industry-standard 15mm rod accessories such as handles, monitor mounts, magic arms and more,  making it easily configurable to your existing platforms.

The A10 Phoenix Brushless Drive Gimbal…as if smooth had another name.

PHX Handheld


Phoenix A10 underwent months of CAD and stress analysis to insure structural integrity in even the harshest environments. All components were subjected to virtual loads in excess of 1,000% of what it would typically experience in real world applications. Not many competitors can claim a 10X safety factor.

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Phoenix Gimbal 3-view