The PhotoShip One MP360 is a one of a kind camera gimal system for multirotor aircraft.  The MP360 has a patent pending automatic camera triggering system for 360 degree panorama photography which allows for simple and fast image acquisition for panorama imagery.

Normally when acquiring images for spherical aerial panoramas the camera is mounted on the included bracket in the portrait mode (vertical). It is then tilted down about 10 degrees.  In this configuration a fisheye lens is used to capture wide angle photographs with the largest side of the field of view running vertical. With crop fram 1.5x sensor cameras an 8-10mm lens is used.  For full frame sensor cameras a 12-15mm lens is used.


Pan Travel – 360 degrees continuous
Selectable 4,5,6,7,8 interval camera triggering per rotation
G10 composite fiber and aluminum construction
Analog 360 degree pan servo


Patent Pending Magnetic Shutter Triggering System

With the MP360 it is very easy to create full 360 degree aerial panoramas by clicking only one switch on your transmitter.

Neodymium magnets (included) are pressed into the mounting plate at user selected intervals. In the case of this arrangement there are a total of six magnets at 60 degree intervals.

The mounting plate as holes at 45, 60, 72, and 90 degree intervals for 3, 4, 5, 6, & 8 shot panorama triggering.

As the camera gimbal (and landing gear) rotate under the mounting plate via the pan servo, a sensor(reed switch) passes over the magnets and switches instantaneously. When the switch is connected to the camera shutter release port it will trigger the camera shutter.

If the camera does not have a remote trigger port and uses an Infrared remote system, a switch to infrared converter can be sourced from  Be advised however, that infrared triggering typically suffers from great latency which may cause issues since aerial panoramas generally need to be photographed very quickly to eliminate parallax stitching errors.

MP360 Kit Contents

Landing gear, mounting plate, panorama camera bracket, triggering magnets, and misc. hardware. Servo and trigger sensor circuit board are included as well. Assembly time takes approximately 45 minutes.

Some assembly is required.  Assembly manual is located HERE.

PLEASE NOTE, as of  February 2014 the MP360 no longer includes the tilt/roll axis add-on.  The MP360 is now only single axis (pan) for panorama photo use.

The MP360 will fit cameras as large as Canon 5D/7D.  We’ve had great success with a modified Sony NEX-7 and Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens. The camera must be able to be triggered with a wired remote. Many Canon & Nikon DSLR cameras support this.  Some cameras such as the Sony NEX line do not.  If the camera does not it can be modified as shown in this Sony NEX-5 shutter button hack tutorial.

The video below shows how the magnet trigger system commands the camera shutter to take a photo as the magnet passes over the shutter trigger sensor on the MP360.