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The GOPRO Panodistro is a device that is used to trigger up to five GoPro cameras simultaneously. Five photorelay outputs are integrated into the circuit to optically isolate the camera trigger circuits of each camera. The photorelays close the trigger button connection of each camera to trigger a photo or video. Each GoPro camera must be opened up and small wires soldered to the trigger button of the camera.  These wires go to each ccamera trigger output channel on the circuit board.  Polarity is of no importance as these are simply shorted connections.

To trigger the cameras there are two methods

1) Supply 5vdc to the “Trigger by 5v input” pins. Note proper polarity!

2) Short “Trigger by switch” pins.  A momentary switch wired to these pins works best. Note this method only works if the power bus is used to power the cameras.

When triggered by either method you can confirm the trigger circuit is activated by checking for illumination of the trigger LED light.

The GOPRO Panodistro also has a power bus for all cameras so that batteries for each camera are not required. To use the power bus supply 5-18vdc to the “Main power input” pins. Note proper polarity! There is a voltage reculator on board that regulates input voltage to 5v for camera power and also to drive the trigger by switch circuit if that method (2) is used to trigger cameras. You must solder wires to the camera battery tabs and run these wires to the camera power output pins, once again, note the proper polarity! The +/- battery pins are marked on the camera case.

NOTE!   It is very important that the camera trigger wires do not accidentally get connected to the “camera power output” pins. This will instantly and permanently damage the camera.

The GoPro Panodistro works as a trigger for our Penta Array camera mount for five GoPro cameras.  The Penta Array is not included with the Panodistro.

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