RC Helicopter With Camera Rises Above the Other Methods

An RC helicopter with camera mounts can easily accommodate a video camera. With the innovation of smaller, lighter digital cameras made possible through rapid advances in technology, the possibility of seeing the world through an eagle’s eye via aerial photography has actually become more of a reality than ever before. More specifically, mounting a digital camera on a remote control (RC) helicopter has given RC-enthusiasts and photography hobbyists a way to combine their passions and fuel their creativity to film and photograph scenes from the skies. However, bear in mind that an RC helicopter with a camera mount is expensive, as is the camera that is attached. There are risks‚ both for the cameras and the helicopters. Because of this, companies like Photoship One have created quality RC helicopter with camera mounts to help hobbyists feel confident in allowing their cameras to soar in the skies.

Photoship One is dedicated to producing and selling camera mounts that will keep cameras securely fixed to appropriately sized RC copters during all stages of the flight process, from the take off to the landing, and all in-flight moments between.

Several different RC helicopters with camera mount systems are currently offered, in order to adequately meet the demands of the differing cameras and helicopters used by most enthusiasts. More specifically, Photoship One’s 3X Pro V2 three axis gimbal system is their lightest 3-axis camera gimbal, at just 1.3 lbs. However, despite its featherweight, this gimbal is fully capable of securing cameras as large as Canon’s 5D/7D. At the same time, the 2X camera gimbal presents a viable option for consumers looking for a lightweight pan/tilt camera. The 2X allows for smooth filming from both the pan and axis tilting positions, and can be conveniently fixed to Photoship One’s Front Mount Tube System (FMTS) for use with certain RC helicopters. Several specific copters (such as the Rex 600E, 700E, Logo 600, and Raptor E620) may work best with this particular mount, but it can also be adjusted to fly well with other similar models.

In addition to these camera mount gimbal systems, Photoship One also offers several other models, including the X7 front mount system; this system can be conveniently bolted directly to Photoship One’s Gaui X7 UAV helicopter.

Full descriptions of other systems offered through Photoship One are featured on the company’s official product website, and while the details of each camera mount are specific to that model, the basic principles remain the same; the company sells camera mount systems that secure cameras to helicopters while also allowing those cameras to tilt and move, in order to capture ideal videos and photographs. All mounts sold through this company are designed to provide a natural range of motion for the cameras affixed to the copters. In addition to selling a full selection of RC camera mounts, Photoship One also offers custom-building services for RC aircraft.