Phoenix Features


The Phoenix brushless gimbal system employs two modes of stabilization functionality. Follow mode and Lock mode. Follow mode is most useful in run and gun shooting where you want the drastic shakes and wobbles removed but want to be able to move the camera in pan and tilt axis and ‘follow’ the action. Phoenix executes Follow mode stabilization wonderfully. The second mode is Lock mode. Lock mode locks the camera at a specific attitude regardless of how the handles or object it is attached to is moving. This is useful when the shot required needs to look at a specific fixed location from a moving platform. As with Follow mode, Phoenix executes Lock mode with an amazing level of precise stabilization never before offered in compact form.

Phoenix can be configured a number of ways. The most popular is the handheld configuration for ‘run & gun’ type shooting. The Phoenix uses an industry standard dual 15mm rod attachment at the top.  This allows for quick installation of handles or any other cinema gear that uses 15mm rod standard. In this configuration there are handles on the sides of the gimbal as well as a handle above.  The side handles allow the user to hold the rig in front of them while the top handle allows easy and quick transition to low mode shooting.

PHX Handheld

Phoenix can also be configured as a shoulder rig.  By inverting the Phoenix it can then be attached to commercially available 15mm rod standard shoulder rigs. We offer this option complete with shoulder rig rods, shoulder pad, handles & V-mount battery mounting plate.

Shoulder rig mode allows for extended use (hours upon hours) without fatiguing the operator as much of the weight of the system is placed on the shoulder.  The battery weight counter balances much of the weight of the Phoenix gimbal making for a rather comfortable shooting rig for long durations of operation.