mkTR Pro

The PhotoShip One mkTR Professional is the latest version in our mkTR product line. The mkTR Professional is a two axis (tilt & roll) camera gimbal for multirotor aircraft and has several enhancements over the previous mkTR version.

A newly redesigned roll and tilt drive system reduces parts by 75% over the original mkTR and mkTR v2. The size has been increased 10% to better accommodate cameras like the Canon 550D, T2i, T3i, Sony NEX 5-N, Panasonic GH2 or similar. The landing skid plates are now nearly double the fore/aft distance which creates a much stronger structure than the previous version mkTR.

Vibration reduction system still uses our proven rubber ball mount design which eliminates airframe vibrations from reaching the camera. Especially important with CMOS sensor cameras. These rubber isolators do an excellent job of drastically reducing airframe vibrations from reaching the camera.


  • Roll Travel – 30 degrees total
  • Tilt Travel – 100 degrees
  • Weight – 480grams
  • G10 composite fiber and aluminum construction
  • Digital servos below included
    Hitec HS5245MG Roll Servo
    Hitec HS5485HB Tilt Servo
  • Dual Roll Servo & Gear Drive Tilt servo options available
  • Can be mounted to DJI Flame Wheel F550 frame with our optional mounting adapter

Dual battery trays allow for use of two 3s or 4s batteries up to 3,300 mah in size.
Designed to fit direct to Mikrokopter Hexakopters and Octokopters. It can work with other multi-rotor copters as well but you may need to drill holes in the multi-rotor frame to match the 25mm x 100mm pattern pf the aluminum stand-offs of the mkTR.

Sold as a complete kit including servos and all hardware. Assembly requires about 30-45 minutes of time. Assembly manual is located here.

Optional Upgrades

The servos included with the mkTR Professional are good for cameras up to about 450g (1lb) in weight. For DSLR cameras like the Canon 550D or similar it is recommended, but not required, to use the optional Gear Drive Tilt and 2nd Roll Servo Option. The result is smooth fine and powerful tilt and roll motion. When using the mkTR Professional with a Mikrokopter Flight Control board we highly recommend if using these options that you also replace the 5.0v Recom voltage regulator for a 6.5v Recom voltage regulator on the servo bus of the Mikrokopter FC board.

We also offer an optional mounting adapter kit to allow the mkTR Professional to be fit to a DJI Flame Wheel F550 hexacopter. Drilling template for F550 frame is located here.


mkTR Professional Image Gallery

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