Kenyon Gyro Stablizers Allow for Very Clear Images

Kenyon Laboratories designed the Kenyon gyro nearly fifty years ago. The gyro stabilizers are mounted to cameras and other optical devices and serve to damp vibration and stabilize excessive movements allowing for very clear images.

The Kenyon Gyro works by containing two counter rotating spinning metal discs powered by high speed electric motors inside a chamber filled with helium. The helium offers less resistance against the spinning discs allowing them to spin at incredible high RPM. It takes several minutes for the discs to accelerate to full rotational speed Once at full speed the discs resist any angular force against the gyro in thanks to Newtonʼs 1st law of Motion which states an object in motion shall remain in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force. The external force in this case is any force that would cause the gyro to deviate from itʼs initial orientation. Waves on a ship, air turbulence in a helicopter, unsteady human hands, etc. The inertia of the spinning discs contains a great deal of energy. The amount of external force must exceed this energy to cause a significant change in orientation of the Kenyon gyro.

An easy example is the typical high school physics experiment in which you hold a bicycle wheel that is spinning. It is very difficult to change the spinning wheelʼs orientation. With enough force you can deviate the wheel but itʼs interesting to notice the wheel moves in a direction that is 90 degrees in the direction of rotation of the wheel from the force applied. This is cause by gyroscopic precession. No imagine two spinning bicycle wheels spinning in opposite directions (counter rotating). Now try to change the orientation. The force you apply to the set of wheels is applied 90 degrees in the direction of rotation of each wheel. This 90 degree delay in force of each wheel due to gyroscopic precession cancels out the other. The net effect is no change in orientation. Thus, a device quite similar to the Kenyon gyro.

The gyros are available in many sizes ranging from the KS-2 up to the KS-12. The KS-2 is designed to stabilize cameras up to 2lb in weight. The KS-12 up to 12 lb cameras. Itʼs not uncommon to see multiple gyros installed to increase the stabilizing capacity. In fact, we often use two KS-4 Kenyon gyros on our FlyLine cable cam systems each mounted 90 degrees to one another which offers amazing stabilizing abilities for extremely smooth, fluid video.

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