Gyroscopic Stabilizer Assures a Smooth Aerial Shot

A gyroscopic stabilizer is a small, battery-powered pod-like case that serves to “float” the camera within its space. In the field of aerial photography, RC helicopters offer unparalleled versatility and control to professional photographers and videographers, as well as enthusiastic hobbyists. Able to maneuver quickly and precisely, these platforms are natural choices for camera mounts. At the forefront of design, Photoship One produces advanced, lightweight gimbals for use with a wide range of cameras and helicopters. These mounts utilize finely tuned servos and a gyroscopic stabilizer to ensure clean, perfect pictures every flight. Crafted from strong, light materials such as fiberglass and aluminum, they are delicate enough to ensure accuracy and robust enough to ensure longevity. Photoship One currently offers five major camera gimbals compatible with many RC helicopters, and all gimbals come with an electronic gyroscopic stabilizer and a precision servo:

The 3X Pro v2 and 3X Prov2 X7 are advanced three-axis mounts that weigh in at 850 grams and provide 360-degree panning and tilting as well as 30-degree rolling to each side. They can accept cameras as large as the Canon 5D/7D and Panasonic AF100 with their 5-lb. maximum loads. The mounts can even be used on a tripod for controlled shots on the ground.

The 2X is a two-axis gimbal that supports up to 4-lbs. in a 360-degree pan and tilt carriage, making it a great option for 600 – 800 class helicopters without sacrificing performance.

The mkTR Professional is a two-axis mount that offers 100-degree tilt and 30-degree roll. Its 480-gram frame can accommodate cameras as large as the 550D, T2i, and T3i.

The MP360 is a hybrid mount capable of serving as a one-axis 360-degree panoramic gimbal or a three-axis gimbal with 360-degree pan, 100-degree tilt, and 30-degree roll. Both permutations provide a stable, lightweight cradle and support cameras as large as the Canon 5D/7D while in panoramic configuration, or the Canon 550D/600D while in three-axis configuration.

Photoship One is committed to its products and provides professional support and services tailored to each user’s needs, regardless of whether they’re a professional or casual operator. Optional servo upgrades in combination with a gyroscopic stabilizer is a great way to increase the out-of-the-box performance of these gimbals. Additionally, specialty equipment like mast mounts and secondary motors are available for select models. Also available is a self-propelling zip line gimbal with a mechanical gyroscopic stabilizer suspending a three-axis carriage. There is even a customized high-performance UAV that can be personalized to cater to an impressive range of needs.

So as you fly on, remember that Photoship One is here to bring you the best. Whether you are looking for professional equipment for occupational demands or love tinkering with RC helicopters and photography as a hobby, this company can and will give you the superior products and fantastic support you can expect from a market leader.

Notice the video below how the video is smooth and stable but when you watch the helicopter instrument panel you can see just how much the copter is moving about. A Kenyon stabilizing gyro was attached to the camera and stabilized the camera independently from the copter. It works amazingly well!

R44 Landing – with Kenyon gyro from PhotoShip One on Vimeo.