What to Look For in a Gyro Stabilizer

A gyro stabilizer is a device that helps to maintain a high degree of steadiness to a camera mounted on an RC helicopter. Those who love their RC helicopters are always looking for new upgrades and gadgets to work with. If you are also a photography professional or enthusiast, mounting one of these camera stabilizers onto your RC helicopter is a great way to explore fun aerial shots from your flying machine. This can be a diverse and useful way to acquire aerial shots while flying your chopper almost anywhere.

A gyro stabilizer is an important component for those who want quality shots from their helicopter mounted camera. This piece of equipment maintains a steady shot while the helicopter is in motion. There are a number of these devices that work well with RC helicopters, depending on what issues you need to address while using them. The products at Photoship One can meet all of your RC helicopter accessory needs, including gyro stabilizers.

When shopping for a stabilizer, you will first want to understand the different sizes of mounts. The size of the mount is important to consider for both the type of helicopter you are using, as well as the type of camera you will be shooting with. Typically these stabilizer mounts are made from lightweight materials that will not add much weight to the helicopter itself. You can purchase stabilizers for either a traditional helicopter or a multi-rotor model. In terms of the size of the camera, there are a few different options available. These options allow helicopters to use any type of camera from a small video camera up to a mid-size digital SLR camera with HD video or FLIR Infrared options.

Being able to use digital camera equipment on helicopters is essential for getting the best aerial photos and video possible. This is why a gyro stabilizer can help to get the best shots possible. The stabilizer helps the camera to stay focused, even while you are making fast turns or dives. Also, the stabilizer assures that the camera never affects the helicopter’s center of gravity, even with multiple camera sizes and weights.

When deciding what type of gyro stabilizer you need, Photoship One can help, and they have an excellent choice in RC helicopter accessories, including camera mounts. You can get a high quality gyro stabilizer for your helicopter from Photoship One, and know that you will get the best aerial shots with your helicopter mounted digital video equipment.