Gaui X7

The Gaui X7 is a 700 class helicopter developed by Gaui TSH.  It has a very robust drive train capable of transmitting over 4kw of power to the rotor head.  The rotorhead is a stout solid design.  An efficient tail rotor torque tube drive system and friction free tail pitch slider are standard items.  It’s these design elements that make the Gaui X7 and ideal platform for aerial photo/video missions.

What is a 3X Pro v2 and what is an X7?  A question we get often.  The 3X Pro v2 is a three axis camera gimbal.  It is the structure with which the camera is mounted that allows the camera to remotely pan, tilt, and roll by command of a camera operator.  The X7 is a radio controlled helicopter. We started by designing a airframe conversion kit for the X7 which allows for our vibration isolated 3X Pro v2 & Front Mount Tube System (FMTS) to be mounted.   The airframe conversion kit is available as a separate item or part of a complete camera gimbal package.Once the airframe conversion kit is installed the Gaui X7 is able to accept our 3X Pro v2 or 2XPT camera gimbal systems.

The 3X Pro v2 is an improved design of the 3X Pro v1 which was designed by PhotoShip One in late 2009. The 3X Pro v2 is a 3 axis camera mount system. The pan, tilt, and roll axis are controllable via a standard RC airplane/helicopter controller. The 3X Pro v2 uses RC servos (included) which are controlled via pulse width modulation (pwm) with a sweep of 900us-2100us. The servos are 360 degree modified for continuous rotation. The pan, tilt are 6:1 gear reduction drive.  The roll axis is 7:1 pulley/belt drive. The roll arch rides inside of eight precision flange bearings.

We offer several optional upgrades for the 3X Pro such as our HD Pan shaft, High Performance Servos, and Carbon Fiber/Aluminum Adjustable Camera Tray. An electronic gyro/accelerometer stabilization unit will be available Summer 2012.

3X Pro v2 Image Gallery

Conversion of the Gaui X7 and assembly of our 3X Pro v2 or 2XPT is easy to accomplish and will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete. A step by step guide is available here.

The X7 3X Pro v2 system includes the items shown below: