Gaui Crane III Camera Gimbal

The Gaui Crane III camera gimbal is a two xis (tilt/roll) gimbal for use with multirotor copters.  The Crane III is able to fit cameras such as Sony NEX5N, Lumix LX5, GoPro, etc. The tilt and roll axis are gear reduction driven for smooth motion.  Servos are high resolution digital servos which offer fast precise control.

GAUI 931001 Crane 3 Camera Gimbal Features:

    • Suitable Model 330X-S, 500X
    • 6061 CNC Metal
    • 100% Full Carbon Fiber Frame
    • Special engineered design provides more precise and stable movement while filming
    • Highly precise moving platform, track design with double bearings makes it perform extremely smooth
    • Ultra light weight and rigid design
    • Two servos are included

Specs of GAUI MRT Crane 3 for GAUI 330X-S, 550X-S

    • Size: 170 x 160 x 75 (mm)
    • Weight: 312g
    • Roll travel: ± 18.5 degrees
    • Tilt travel: ± 60 degrees

Purchase Content of Crane 3 Camera Gimbal

    • 1 x CRANE 3 Camera Gimbal SET
    • 2 x SERVO (GUEC GS-503、GUEC GS-504)