Gaui 840H Ready to Fly Systems

Gaui 840H Hexacopter Ready to Fly

PhotoShip One is now offering the Gaui 840H hexacopter in complete ready to fly systems.The Gaui 840H hexacopter is an extremely capable system. Spanning 840mm from motor to opposing motor it has the capability to lift up to 6lb (2.75kg) payload and remain airborne for up to 20 minutes (depending on configuration).

Equipped with 41XX series motors, 15″ propellers and 25 amp ESC, the Gaui 840H is an efficient aircraft.  The ESC are mounted inside the aluminum booms and have heatsinks that conduct heat through the booms and all aluminum motor mounts.  Heat dissipation with the Gaui 840H is far more efficient than typical carbon fiber type multirotors.

The lower main plate on the 840H also serves as a high current power distribution board. This allows for very clean wiring installation without the ‘rat’s nest’ seen on many other systems. Keeping with the theme of proper heat dissipation, the 840H distribution board uses thick copper spread across both sides of the board allowing proper heat exchange.

The arms on the 840H are easily foldable to allow for compact transport.  Our GoPro ready to fly system fits into a hard sided case that is 12x6x42″ in size.

Parts support for the Gaui 840H hexacopter is well established. We offer all parts for the system in our shop, but you can also get parts worldwide by any shop that stocks Gaui products.

The build quality of the 840H is top notch.  These systems are NOT made in China.  Manufactured in Taiwan, the parts are of high quality, tight tolerance, and beautiful fit & finish.

Gaui 840H Ready to Fly GoPro 3