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Sony A7/A7R Remote Modification

The Sony A7 and A7R have Sony’s ‘Multi’ connector on the side by the HMDI port. This multi connector can be used with the Sony 27-RMVPR1 wired remote. But… what if you want to trigger the Sony A7/A7R by RC or some other remote device? No problem. A bit of modification work to the remote and we can make it work. Pics of the modification in the gallery below. Disassemble the remote by removing the screws on the back cover. Remove the cover and you’ll see the PCB.  There is … read more

Modify Spektrum H6040 servo for 360 rotation

Ever wondered how to modify an RC servo for 360 continuous rotation capability? read more

Photoshop: Editing Your Panorama

Curious about how to correct stitching errors and blend a sky into your aerial spherical panorama? Watch this! read more

Introduction to 360 Aerial Panoramas

A Brief overview on shooting and stitching a Spherical Aerial Panorama. Topics include Hardware, Software, and Workflow. read more

Sony NEX5N Trigger Modification

I just picked up a Sony NEX5N today. Was disappointed to see the only method of remote trigger was IR. I need to trigger this camera as if I had actually pushed the shutter button. Here’s what I did. read more

Connecting Mikrokopter FC board to KopterTool software

Connecting Mk Quad to Kopter Tool from PhotoShip One

Installing gyros on a 3X Pro gimbal

We get this question alot. “how do I install an RC helicopter tail rotor gyro on my 3X Pro camera gimbal?” Here’s how it’s done. read more

VR360: Setting up the Pan-Lock

Properly setting up the Pan-Lock on the VR360 is easy. Watch this short clip for details on how it’s done. read more

Changing from Panorama to Oblique

How to swap between the Panorama “L” Bracket and the VR Oblique Gimbal. read more