Camera Tray Upgrade

We’ve had feedback from users of our 3X Pro v2 camera mount asking for a more adjustable and more rigid camera tray for use with larger and heavier cameras.  We considered a couple concepts and came upon our Carbon Fiber/Aluminum Camera Tray.  It is available for 3X Pro v2 and 3X Pro HD camera gimbals.

The upgraded camera tray uses tubular carbon fiber and aluminum construction and does not flex torsionally under load as the standard tray can. It also offers much more adjustability to allow for longer and taller cameras while still keeping the camera/lens center of mass in line with the tilt axis.

All components are CNC machined from aluminum and composite plate.  Aluminum components are anodized satin black for corrosion protection and visual appeal.

With this upgrade you’ll be able to easily fit a Red Epic or Canon C300 sized camera in the 3X Pro v2.  Even larger cameras with 3X Pro HD.

Assembly manual in .pdf format located here.

Camera Tray Upgrade Gallery

Camera Tray Assembly Gallery