How Dependable is Your Camera Mount?

Your camera mount could mean the difference between a successful project and a catastrophe for your photography equipment. This is true in any situation, but the concern grows more when the camera is moving. You never want to lose your equipment, especially when it is moving at a high rate of speed, as you are sure to end up minus your tool of the trade. The need for dependable camera mounting equipment is multiplied even further when you are involved in an aerial photography project.

With the use of a remote control helicopter and a good digital camera, a photographer can capture incredible images and essential shots for certain projects that require aerial targeting. Just as important as a good RC aircraft and a dependable camera, is the mounting that your camera is attached to.

Photoship One both designs and manufactures a line of camera mounts, otherwise known as gimbals, specializing in two and three axis models for helicopters, multi-rotor aircraft, telescoping masts and zip line cable cams. A visit to our online shop will help you to determine your needs and find the solution to your drone-created imagery needs.

Each of the Photoship One gimbals come with the needed hardware and are pre-assembled for immediate installation onto most 700+ class models of RC helicopters. Cameras as large as the Canon 5D/7D can be supported.

One of the top selling camera mounts built by Photoship One is the mkTR professional mount. Some of the special features that sets it apart from the other models available are:

•    Larger size for small to mid size DSLR cameras
•    Easier maneuvering capability for the roll and tilt motions
•    Fewer parts for less complications
•    Stress free assembly

To learn more about the various camera mounts, as well as the other RC helicopter accessories, visit us on our website at