The Proper Camera Gimbal Makes or Breaks Your Project

A Photoship One camera gimbal is an imperative piece of equipment for the aerial photographer or videogrpaher. The popularity of creating aerial view videos and photographs with remote control helicopters has soared in recent years, partially thanks to the advancements made in the arena of digital photography and video. However, no matter how great a camera is, simply attaching it to an RC helicopter will not necessarily result in great video footage. Too secure of a position on the copter will result in awkwardly filmed video clips, filmed at angles that are too rigid to create a desirable panorama of the view from above. On the other hand, many photography enthusiasts are wary of sending their beloved cameras into the air, since doing so obviously increases the risk of breakage due to an unexpected fall. This is where a Photoship One camera gimbal system remote control helicopter camera mount plays a pivotal role in your aerial filming project.

For these reasons, Photoship One has created full camera mount gimbal systems. These systems are designed to securely mount appropriate sized cameras to RC helicopters, allowing for a wide range of motion while in the air. This also leaves hobbyists feeling confident in knowing that their cameras will most likely take off and land in one fully functional piece. Photoship One camera gimbals can often bolt directly onto appropriate models of RC helicopters, preventing the need to purchase additional mounting equipment. At the same time, the pan and tilt gimbal systems offered by this company ensure that all filming is smooth, and exhibits a natural range of in-flight motion. This allows viewers of the final products of the filmed flights to really feel like they are actually in the air with their remote control helicopters.

Because of the fact that not every helicopter or camera system is designed the same, Photoship One offers a full range of camera gimbal systems created to best fit with a variety of RC helicopters, digital cameras, and even personal budgets. Such systems include the 3X Pro V2, a 3-axis camera gimbal specially designed to fit onto almost any 700+ class RC helicopter. This model is extremely lightweight, weighing a mere 1.5 lbs, but it is capable of carrying cameras weighing up to 5 lbs. Additionally, the 3X Pro V2 is designed so that all three axis can be fully stabilized to allow for even more optimal film/photography coverage; however, stabilization does require ordering additional parts.

Photoship One’s mkTR camera mount system is still one of the company’s best sellers for use with multi-rotor helicopters. The current model of this system offers improvements in smoothness in the tilt/roll system, creating better filming capabilities than ever before. Other products offered by Photoship One include the unique patent pending MP360, a camera gimbal system that allows for quick and convenient 360° photography through a specially designed automatic camera triggering system. This design utilizes trigger magnets and adjustable magnetic positions for optimal user control and ease acquiring aerial panorama photography.