Cable Cam Point to Point Camera System

In late 2010 PhotoShip One began to design our FlyLine. The Flyline is what most people would refer to as a point to point cable cam. Itʼs a motorized cable or rope trolley with a camera head and works by a onboard battery powered electric motor which turns a drive pulley that runs along a tensioned cable or rope forward or backward. The speed at which is drives is proportional and it controlled remotely by a trolley and/or camera operator. Speeds up to about 35mph (55kph) are possible. As the trolley drives along the cable the camera head can be controlled in pan, tilt, and roll axis allowing for aerial shots that might otherwise be difficult or impossible to achieve with a crane, jib, or helicopter.

The cable is typically tensioned anywhere between 100lb (45kg) to 1,500lb (680kg) depending on the length of the cable run. Normally it is terminated at a solid object such as tree, light pole, scaffolding, building, etc). The cable can be sloped up to about 15 degrees. The ends should be terminated and rigged by a qualified cable rigger. A winch or come-along is used to tension the cable accordingly.

Because the cable cam can weigh as much as 30lb it is important to use high strength cable or rope. We recommend 1/4” (6mm) or 5/6” (8mm) Dyneema synthetic steel rope. 1/4” Dyneema has a breaking strength of 7,700 lb (3490kg). 5/16” has a breaking strength of 12,300lb (5580kg). For runs longer than 300 feet (90 meters) we suggest 5/16” Dyneema. For shorter runs the 1/4” is more than sufficient.

Since late 2010 our prototype FlyLine has evolved into the FlyLine v1 and as of January 2012 we now have a more refined FlyLine v2. The latest version is capable of carrying popular digital cinema cameras like the Red Epic, Canon C300 and can also be equipped with hybrid DSLR cameras like the Canon 5D and 7D. When equipped with a wireless video downlink system it is possible to view video from the camera on the cable cam in real time on an LCD monitor ground station.

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