Uncomplicated, easy to shoot 360 Degree Aerial Spherical Panorama Photography is now within the realm of possibility for your multirotor aircraft. We’ve designed the Auto360. A camera mount designed and dedicated to acquiring radial array image sets that are ‘stitched’ together to form a seamless 360 degree spherical panorama.

Auto360 features a patent pending automatic camera triggering system to trigger the camera shutter every 60, 72, or 90 degrees (user selectable) as it pans. This makes shooting the panoramas a simple ‘one switch’ operation from your RC controller.

See samples below to see what Auto360 can create. Click/drag inside the panorama to navigate. Use your mouse wheel to zoom.

44 Monroe – Phx, AZ

Tempe Town Lake

Downtown Phoenix
Spherical panorama photography is done by stitching a series of images captured as a radial array together to create an entire 360 sphere that with the right software can be converted into an interactive movie using QuickTime VR, Flash, Java or HTML 5 with Javascript. It’s also possible to link one panorama to another in order to create a virtual tour with hot spots and add music, narration, video, text, expandable maps, etc. For image stitching we recommend the PTGui application. For authoring the panorama to Flash or HTML5 we recommend the Pano2VR application.

To achieve the required field-of-view you should use a DSLR or Mirrorless DSLR camera with an ultra-wide fisheye lens. For crop sensor cameras (APS-C) you’ll want to use an 8mm to 10.5mm fisheye lens. For full frame sensor cameras you would use 10 to 15mm fisheye lens.

The Auto360 requires a camera that has a wired remote. Many professional DSLR cameras have wired remote capability. If your camera does not have a wired remote there are two options:

  1. Modify your camera by soldering wires to the shutter button which you can then connect to the Auto360
  2. Use a GentLED Shutter to interface between the Auto360 and your camera’s IR remote sensor. Be advised this method will introduce latency into the shooting process and require slower pan rotation rates.

The Auto360 uses an rc servo to rotate the pan axis. Thus, you simply connect the servo wire to a spare channel on your receiver or flight controller. Rotation speed is determined by the ‘travel’ setting on your RC transmitter. Ideally, you will want the pan rotation rate to be set at approximately one revolution every 4 seconds. At this speed the camera shutter speed will be around 1/800 which will allow sharp images despite the continuous rotation of the camera mount during the capture process.

The Auto360’s automatic camera triggering system can be user configured for 4, 5, or 6 shot panoramas by replacing the default 6 shot trigger ring with either a 4 or 5 shot ring. The 4 and 5 shot rings are sold separately.sideside

The Auto360 is available in two versions. One version is a complete rotator with the landing gear and the other is the complete rotator without landing gear. The version without landing gear is for multirotors which have retractable landing gear and do not need an integrated landing gear of the Auto360.

with-without landing gear