2X & 2XPT

The PhotoShip One 2X camera gimbal was designed to be a light and effective solution for aerial imaging. The 2X is a pan/tilt camera mount designed to capture aerial video and photos from RC helicopters and telescoping masts, but many customers have also adapted the 2X for use in multirotor copters, blimps, full scale aircraft and others.

The 2XPT is a complete front mount system for helicopters.  It includes the 2X gimbal and the Front Mount Tube System (FMTS). Our FMTS is available for popular helicopters like the Trex 600E, Trex 700E, Logo 600/600SE, Maxi Joker 3, Gaui X7. The FMTS accepts 2X or 3X Pro gimbals and has been in use for the last 4 years by hundreds of customers worldwide.

The 2X is constructed of G10-FR4 composite plate and aluminum for a lightweight yet strong structure. The 2X is sent as a kit and must be assembled.  We include a detailed instruction manual and you can expect the assembly process of the 2X gimbal to take approximately 60-90 minutes.

The 2X features 5:1 gear reduction in both pan and tilt axis for smooth movement and plenty of torque. Standard RC servos are used (included) to drive both pan and tilt axis. Control of RC servos is by pulse width modulation (PWM) with a sweep from 900-2100us. Typical RC helicopter/airplane transmitter controllers are the usual wireless control method for this gimbal.

The 2X can accommodate cameras as large as the Canon 5D/7D. Camera weight of up to 4lb is acceptable provided the camera center of mass is aligned with the tilt axis.

The pan and tilt axis are 360 degrees continuous rotation and are compatible with RC helicopter tail rotor gyros  for stabilization (in rate mode). The servos can handle voltages up to 7.0v.

Several versions of 2XPT available for different helicopters. Logo 600 2XPT shown below.

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