Monthly Archives: May 2013

FlyLine cablecam footage from Dubai Aerial Media

They’ve done a great job shooting a Polo even in Dubai with their FlyLine cablecam system. Check it out!

3 Axis Phoenix Brushless Active Camera Stabilizer by Alary Design

PhotoShip One (Alary Design) officially announces we have been in development of two new 3 axis active brushless motor drive camera stabilizer systems for DSLR and larger format cameras (Red Epic, Sony F55, Etc). Brushless camera gimbals were introduced to the market in April of 2012 by DJI’s introduction of the Zenmuse camera mount for their S800 hexacopter.  The Zenmuse used the radically different drive system which outperformed any other drive method that was currently on the market at that time. The advantages of the brushless camera gimbal concept over … read more