Monthly Archives: June 2012

DJI S800 – Check your red ESC connector

We have found on our DJI S800 Spreading Wings hexacopter that the header pins inside the red ESC RC signal distribution connector were loosely soldered.  We had a motor fail about 1 minute into running (just hovering, no damage thank goodness).  Inspection revealed the Gnd and Signal pins on the #6 motor connector were never properly soldered into the PCB.  You can see no evidence of solder on the pins.  If you peel back the ‘Controller’ sticker on the PCB you should notice the pins slightly protruding with sufficient solder.  … read more

3X Pro v2 Landing Leg & Mounting Adapter Kit (S800 & CarbonCore)

We’re engineering a landing gear/mounting conversion kit for the 3X Pro v2 to allow it to be mounted to a DJI Spreading Wings S800 hexacopter or CarbonCore airframes.  We utilized the factory S800 landing gear legs and supply the mounting brackets and hardware. CarbonCore frames will require that holes be drilled in the frame to mount the adapter. Vibration isolation of the plate is handled by four Lord platemounts. We’ve found them to work quite well in our helicopter applications. The mounting plate has various slotted holes for a variety of … read more

3X Pro HD prototype complete

We just finished building the 3X Pro HD prototype. The 3X Pro HD is about 20% larger than the 3X Pro v2. The larger size will allow for easier placement of cameras such as Red Epic, Canon C300, Sony FS700 and similar.  Also note in the pics is our new optional tilt axis camera tray.  The new tray is designed to be far more adjustable than our standard tray. Constructed of carbon fiber and aluminum tube and CNC machined aluminum tube clamps, this tray is very rigid yet only 63 … read more

Modify Spektrum H6040 servo for 360 rotation

Ever wondered how to modify an RC servo for 360 continuous rotation capability? read more

Extended Motor Plates for DJI F450 & F550 announced

The DJI F450 and F550 are great multirotor airframes unless you want to carry cameras heavier than 1.5lb.  As camera weight increases so doe the need for more thrust.  More thrust requires larger propellers and motors. IN order to install propellers larger than 11″ on the F450 and F550 the motors must be extended further out on the airframe. We have these extend the motor placement to allow for larger props. We have them in sets of 4 or 6 for F450 and F550 Flame Wheel frames. CNC machined from … read more

DJI Zenmuse Z15 Camera Gimbal Released

Today DJI Released the Zenmuse Z15N. A long anticipated 3 axis camera gimbal designed for the S800 Hexacopter. The Zenmuse offers exceptionally smooth camera motion control by way of innovative direct drive brushless torque motors to move the camera.  DJI is the first to use such technology in such a small package. We at PhotoShip One are hoping to get our hands on them as soon as possible. More info as we get it!

FlyLine v2 used in production of film ‘Strength in Numbers’ by Anthill Films

Anthill Films contacted PhotoShip One about a year ago inquiring about a cable cam.  They ideas for a new film they were working on that required some shots from a point to point cable cam system.  We were happy to inform them we had a solution for them.  Our Flyline cable cam system.  Some of the shots in the film from the FlyLine are amazing. These guys had the FlyLine travelling at speeds and lengths we had not seen yet! Amazing stuff!  Here’s a Synopsis of the film ‘Strength in … read more