Installing gyros on a 3X Pro gimbal

We get this question alot. “how do I install an RC helicopter tail rotor gyro on my 3X Pro camera gimbal?” While RC helicopter tail gyros are not an ideal solution, if set up properly they can and do stabilize a gimbal with an attractive level of performance.

In this clip we used Gaui GU-210 gyros becuase that’s what we had on hand.  We recommend to use Futaba 401 gyros as they work far better than any other gyros we’ve tested (and we’ve tested alot!). Also it’s important to note this is not a production version 3X Pro.  It is an early version that was modified for use in a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter. The same principles apply though to production 3X Pro v2 units.


Installation of gyros on 3 axis camera gimbal from PhotoShip One on Vimeo.

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