3 Axis Phoenix Brushless Active Camera Stabilizer by Alary Design

PhotoShip One (Alary Design) officially announces we have been in development of two new 3 axis active brushless motor drive camera stabilizer systems for DSLR and larger format cameras (Red Epic, Sony F55, Etc).

Phoenix Brushless Gimbal Header


Brushless camera gimbals were introduced to the market in April of 2012 by DJI’s introduction of the Zenmuse camera mount for their S800 hexacopter.  The Zenmuse used the radically different drive system which outperformed any other drive method that was currently on the market at that time.

The advantages of the brushless camera gimbal concept over traditional RC hobby servo drive method have done to camera gimbal technology what the cotton gin did to cotton picking industry at the turn of the 20th century.  Brushless camera gimbals offer enhanced accuracy down to less than 1/2 of a degree in any axis and have zero backlash as the axis are directly driven off of a brushless motor instead of gear or belt reduction which had been typical at the time.  The result of enhanced accuracy and zero backlash meant the stabilization of the camera could be at the sub pixel level even at focal lengths exceeding 100mm.  In some ways it was said by experts in the industry that brushless drive gimbals allowed ‘Cineflex’ level stability in a form factor 100x smaller and 10,000x less expensive.  A serious statement if true and true it is.

We at PhotoShip One knew that if we wished to remain a relevant leader in the innovation and advancement of small camera gimbal design we must also develop our own brushless camera mount system.

Thus, we introduce the PhotoShip One ‘Phoenix’ line of active brushless camera gimbals.  We plan initially for two sizes.  One for DSLR size cameras and another larger version for Red Epic, Sony F55, Canon C300 and similarly sized cameras.

We are a great deal of the way through our design and development stage and are on track to offer a product release late summer 2013.

The Phoenix line of brushless gimbals key design criteria were to keep the deign aesthetically pleasing, yet very easy to maintain and upgrade as future motor and motor driver technology advances.  We’ve implemented a minimalist design approach but one where form and function are well optimized yet symbiotic.

A few features we can disc now are the Phoenix is currently the only brushless gimbal system that uses large, oversized 25mm ball bearings on all axis for extreme rigidity and smooth motion.  Phoenix camera gimbals are constructed entirely of carbon fiber composite, aluminum, and stainless steel components. All manufacturing will be handled in the USA by machine facilities local to PhotoShip One so that we may keep a tight grip on quality control while at the same time properly supporting the global economy by not allowing devalued Asian manufacturing yet another opportunity to water down the market.

We are not able to publish firm prices as of this writing but rest assured the Phoenix line will be VERY affordable when compared against other systems currently available.

Have a look below at the design concept sketches.  Photos of our prototype units will be published within several weeks along with more detailed specifications and sample video clips.


If you’re considering making a move into a brushless camera gimbal system, we urge you to wait until you see just how well the PhotoShip One Phoenix systems will fit in with your demands. You will not be disappointed!  We are sure of that!

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